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     founded in october 1995, the jiangsu esainty corp., ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of jiangsu sainty corp., ltd. the company is engaged in the self-management of import & export of various commodities and technologies. as the support platform of clothing of jiangsu sainty corp., ltd., the company provides textile and clothing design proofing business and undertakes design, proofing, production and other functions. on the other hand, it also provides the wholesale/retail of energy, materials, mechanical and electronic equipment, paper, pulp and paper products, packaging materials, textiles, clothing, daily necessities, arts and crafts, cultural and educational office supplies, pre-packaged food and bulk food, dairy products (including infant formula milk powder), the sale of fresh, primary agricultural products and by-products sales, as well as the sales of class i and class ii medical equipment. 
     the company wholeheartedly wishes to establish a good relationship of cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants and seek win-win & common development! welcome friends from all walks of life to contact us. 

     contact person: chen bin 
     mobile phone no.: 13952049128 
     contact no.: 025-52876165 
     e-mail: chenbin@saintycorp.com