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     the first branch, a business branch directly subordinate to jiangsu sainty corp., ltd., mainly specializes in self-importing, agency-importing, domestic purchase and sales of various chemical products, mcc products, metal materials, etc. after years of development, the company has established an experienced, professional, trustful and normative team with the excellent reputation and strength of jiangsu sainty corp., ltd. and meanwhile, the company obtained various operative channels, and stable customers through years of accumulation. 
     the company is the only company which obtains the permission to import mcc products in jiangsu province, with the capacity of providing triethanolamine, thionyl chloride to the mine company. at the same time, the company also has the management qualifications in all kinds of controlled chemicals and dangerous chemicals. we can not only provide excellent products that meet the requirements, but also provide the best quality and professional services. 
     the company wholeheartedly wishes to establish a good relationship of cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants and seek win-win & common development! welcome friends from all walks of life to contact us. 
     contact person: zong su  
     mobile phone no.: 13770646336 
     contact no.: 025-5287 5166